• Cultivate Jesus centered Sunday morning services that are bathed in prayer, captivating, and welcoming; with worship that encourages revitalization in our relationship with Christ through heart felt, spirit filled, and purposeful acts of praise, and teaching that prepares our community to love the world with Truth that is Scripturally based, practically relatable, and relevant.
  • Create small groups that are Elder lead, intentionally placed, relationally based, and rooted in sound Biblical teaching to provide new and maturing Christians with a safe space to ask questions and receive Scripturally centered answers that give true purpose and meaning to life, and hope for eternity.
  • Develop children and youth education programs that are interactive, fun, and inviting; with teachings that are consistently reinforced by the church at every level, curricula that both recognizes the factuality of Scripture and instills the love of God, and practical lessons that construct a firm foundation of Truth centered in the power and grace of Jesus Christ.
  • Facilitate adult education programs that are presented in an easy, comprehendible, and conversational format with learning that focuses on a transformational relationship with Christ based on real life issues, and instruction that seeks to both build a strong understanding and personal application of Scripture.
  • Offer purposeful, prayerfully inspired outreach events that extend an invitation, promote christian values, and express continual community commitment and localized care.
  • Provide ongoing, Holy Spirit lead, relational, and need based mission opportunities that use our God given gifts to spread the Gospel on a local, national, and global level.
  • Foster a diverse, fun, and loving church culture that is open, inviting, and welcoming of all people as adopted members of the family of God who live a life victorious in Christ, walk by the Holy Spirit, and lead Scripturally centered lives.
  • Establish life-giving, fun, casual, and inviting fellowship opportunities that develop lasting relationships, move us beyond our comfort zones, and remain open to all (regardless of age, relationship status, and/or ability).