A Saint Louis native, born and raised in the very church that he now pastors, Brandon has a sincere passion for the community, his congregation, and Christ. With over ten years of professional pastoral experience, he has worked in a multitude of church environments ranging from the hills of rural Missouri to the heart of downtown Saint Louis. He utilizes his background in counseling and social services to minister to people where they are, not where they are expected to be, and encourages individuals towards a deeper, more meaningful, relationship with Jesus. As an avid lover of all things theological, Brandon holds degrees in Ministry (B.A.) and Divinity (M.Div.), with an emphasis in Urban Cross-Cultural Contextualization, Christian Ethics, and Continental Philosophy.
However, you won’t need a thesaurus or graduate degree to understand him on a Sunday morning. Brandon strives to simplify, relate, and reconcile the Word of God for the people of God; placing the authority and apprehension of God’s Will above and before all things. After a season of exploration, growth, and development as a church planter, Brandon was called home and elected as the lead pastor of South Side Church of God in the winter of 2017.
He is happily married to his best friend and soulmate: Carly. Together, they have two children: Landry and Josie. He enjoys spending time with his family, is a fervent Blues hockey fan, loyal Cardinals baseball follower, and former musician who appreciates a good laugh and great conversation.
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